Ways to market your property to ensure it sells quickly

Ways to market your property so it sells quicker
Ways to market your property so it sells quicker

Selling of property is never as easy as most people to perceive. This is because getting the perfect buyer who loves everything about your house is hard to come by. Another reason is most people prefer houses or properties with a modern touch and if it lacks this aspect, it may not be considered as the ideal property. It is therefore, important, to ensure that your property is in order before staging it for a sale. This will attract more buyers to your property and make the value of your house go up.

So just what are the ways to market your property to ensure it sells quickly;

  • Get rid of your old items

One of the reasons your property may not be selling quickly is because you could have personalized the space too much. Buyers love it when they can fill or change the property with their personal items, so make sure you give them the space to do so.

Clear your property of all the items in it as this will bring out the attractive side of the house. A cleared house will give potential buyers ideas on what to do with the space. In addition, empty rooms make the house appear bigger as opposed to when stuffed.

  • Identify your target market

The first step to a successful property sell-off is first identifying who may want to buy your property. Is it a family, young couple, extended family etc. After identifying your target market, tailor your house to meet their expectations. For instance, if it’s an old family ensure you have fixed your fireplace to give it that ancient touch. In addition, learn the market trends so as to take advantage of the peak seasons when selling your property. For instance, demand for properties tends to be higher in the Spring and Autumn, hence the more money you will pocket during this season.

  • Re-paint your house

You want to create a good first impression so as to attract more buyers. Well, you can achieve this by remodelling your house. Give the walls a new coat of paint. Go for neutral colours as they make the house appear bigger and welcoming. This would also enable buyers to view the house easily as they picture how to transform it to suit their preferences. Ensure the front door has a perfect coat as it will say a lot about the rest of the house.

  • Tend to all the repairs

No buyer wants to move into a house that’s full of faults. Take it upon yourself to do all the necessary repairs before staging your property. In line with this, ensure everything is as good as new. In addition, do all the cleaning to ensure everything sparkles as this will create an appealing atmosphere to potential buyers.

  • Keep your kitchen updated

A lot of attention is paid to the kitchen than any other room. A perfect kitchen will always win over any buyer’s attention. As opposed to purchasing new kitchen cabinetry try re-facing your old ones. This is a cheaper yet quality alternative. To give your house that modern touch, upgrade your kitchen counter as well. Also consider upgrading the plumbing fixtures as they will give you more points.

  • Get a professional 

Professionals dealing with the selling of houses are competent in selling of properties, as that’s what they live by. Go for one and let them show the property to potential buyers. This is because they know most of the market trends when it comes to properties, hence know what to say and how to win the buyer to get the property. You can also trust them to answer the tricky questions that you may have not foreseen.

  • Get the word out

Your next door neighbour may have been eyeing your property for a long time. It is therefore important to inform your family, friends and neighbours of the property sell. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and you may actually end up selling your property to a loved one. In addition to this, use various models to advertise of the property. Home agents can also help you in looking for potential buyers hence keep them at bay.

Well, with the above tips selling your property should now be a lot easier. Remember the first impression is very important! If you are struggling to sell your house quickly enough then get an online cash quote here.

How to Sell Your House Without An Estate Agent

Selling a house via an estate agent can be quite costly. Although it is a challenge to sell a house without an agent, it is not impossible to do so. You will need to dedicate time and effort to make the sale successful. Below are some ideas to sell your house without using an estate agent.

Selling A House Without an Estate Agent.

1. Get a valuation of the house
If you want to get a free valuation of your property, you can look at the local newspapers and see the asking price of similar properties in your area or near your area. Apart from the local newspapers, you can also get this information online. Websites like nethouseprices.com and rightmove.co.uk can help you value your house using tools on their sites. Research using various sites and newspapers before deciding on a final price. Set two prices, the highest and the lowest since people do not always buy a house at the asking price. You may need to reduce the price a little bit. These 2 valuations will help you get a reasonable amount for your property.
If you don’t mind spending money to know the value of your house, you can hire a certified surveyor.

2. Get an EPCEPC is an Energy Performance Certificate.
It is required whenever you are selling, renting or building a property. It lasts for 10 years. The EPC contains recommendations on how to reduce energy thus saving money and it also contains information about the property’s energy use and energy cost. If you don’t have one, make sure you get an EPC before you list your property to avoid being fined. You can acquire it by hiring an accredited assessor who will assess your property and produce the certificate.

3. Good description and photos
Before listing the property, come up with a good description of your home. Be as brief as possible at the same time including the relevant information about your home. In addition to the description, take a few high quality photos of your home to give your potential buyers a glimpse of the house. Take photos of the house both inside and outside as well as the compound if you have one.

4. Advertise the property
You can use both online and offline advertising method. For online advertising, you can list your property on various online agent sites. Most of them will charge you a small fee to advertise on their site. Some of the agents include Prime Location and Zoopla among others. However, if you do not want to use an online agent, you can still advertise on other sites such as houseweb and houseladder. Facebook and twitter are also good advertising avenues you should consider.

For offline advertising, you can list your property on local newspapers as well as using word of mouth. They can also be very effective.

5. Arrange Viewings
You need to be flexible so that you can show the property to potential buyers whenever they want to view it. If you will not be readily available, have a friend of family member do this for you. If this is not possible, then give information on the days and times you will be available to show the property. However, before showing the property, you need to ensure the house is clean and well arranged. Ensure it is in a presentable manner.

Be relaxed and confident when showing the house to potential buyers. For your own safety, it would be wise to have someone accompany you while showing the house. You can ask a friend or family member to accompany you at such times.

6. Negotiate
Most of the time, the buyer will negotiate to buy a property at a lower price than the one you have asked for. While negotiating, keep in mind the lowest price you are willing to take for the property and do not go below this price.

When negotiating, always speak in a calm and friendly manner so that even when you disagree with the potential buyer, you can always feel comfortable talking to him/her at a later time. This type of communication will also enable the potential buyer to feel free to communicate with you if he/she is willing to increase the offer for the property.

7. Get a Solicitor
If you reach an agreement with a buyer, you can hire a solicitor who will do the legal work and complete the sale for you including paying off your existing mortgage or any other 2nd charge or secured loans on your property.

Tips to sell your house quickly in a difficult housing market

By Susan Jones Property Sales
By Susan Jones Property Sales

By Susan Jones – Ask Susan

In a declining housing market where supply outshines demand, an individual can generally sell a house faster by reducing the price. However, there are other ways to improve a property’s attractiveness besides lowering the asking price. Here are tips to sell your house quickly in a difficult housing market.

Choose your target market 

It’s only natural that any prospective buyer will want to picture himself or herself living in your house before they make an offer. The first step therefore to sell your house quickly is to consider your target market. For instance, if you think a young family would be ideal, clear out the spare room of any junk and maybe consider putting a bed in it so potential buyers can think of it as a children’s bedroom.

Conversely, if you think a professional couple would be most interested in your property, it’s advisable that you turn a spare bedroom into an office.

Get the pricing right

Today’s buyers are well informed about the comparable sales in the area, which greatly influence the fair market price of your house. Buyers also know that they are in control of the entire process. To make your property competitive, get the sale prices of the three most similar properties that have sold in your region in the last month or so, and then try to go ten of fifteen per cent below that when you set your house’s list price. The properties that look like a great deal are the ones that get the most visits from potential buyers and, on occasion even receive several offers.

Make upgrades

If your house is worth about 130,000 pounds and you spend 19,000 pounds to renovate the kitchen. Several individuals mistakenly believe that the house is now worth 149,000 pounds. That’s very wrong.

While a renovation certainly adds some value to your property, it’s like purchasing a new car that depreciates in value the moment you drive it off the trader’s compound. So, while it’s important to make some small upgrades, such as replacing the kitchen sink faucet or updating an old water heater, it’s recommended that you avoid any major remodels. If you have an out-dated bathroom or kitchen, you will generally come out ahead by discounting the asking price, so a buyer can choose his/her own finishes.

Depersonalise your house

The best way to get your house ready to show potential buyers is to depersonalise it by removing family photos, quirky art and collectibles. Your goal is to create an attractive space that allows prospective buyers to picture their own family in the home- not yours. Make your house like a clean, welcoming, empty canvas that any potential buyer can visually paint their own dreams upon.

Bright colours, like reds, oranges and pinks are usually personal and buyers will be put-off if they think they have to refurbish the whole property as soon as they move in whereas most individuals can live with neutral colours.

The Bottom Line

Selling a house quickly in a difficult housing market requires a little extra work. Do everything you can to get your house in perfect condition and be prepared to make some necessary discounts at closing.


What is a sale and rent back scheme?

By Dave Taylor
By Dave Taylor – Park City Property Experts

For homeowners in the UK who are facing potential repossession of their home, the sale and rent back scheme is one of the options available to you to avoid this problem. What is a sale and rent back scheme? As the term implies, it is the process in which the homeowner will sell their home quickly to a private company (third party, for profit company) and will in turn rent the home from that company.

It is important to remember that in this sale and rent back scheme, the private company will typically pay the homeowner less than market value to purchase the home from them, so you do run the risk of losing money in this scheme. Another possibility is that the private company sells the home to a let landlord.

Ref: http://www.asksusan.org.uk/sell-and-rent-back-schemes-buy-your-house-and-rent-it-back/

Tenancy guarantees –
When you engage in this scheme, the tenancy you are likely to get is known as an assured short hold tenancy. This is for a fixed term which is for at least five years in duration, so keep this in mind if you plan on selling to a private company in the sale and rent back scheme. It is also important to note that at the end of the five year period, you can be evicted from the property at the new owner’s discretion. And, the landlord is only required to provide you with a notice period of two months, and does not require a particular reason to evict you from the property at the end of this period.

Are there risks involved? –
Yes. Like any other “scheme” you engage in, there are risks to be aware of if you opt to sell your home to a private third party company to avoid the repossession notice you may have recently receive. What are some of the potential risks you will be facing? Some of them include:

– The possibility for eviction. Again, at the end of the five year period which you are renting the property, the landlord has the option to evict you, without notice.

– Eviction is also an option the landlord has for non-paying tenants, or tenants who do not keep up with the terms written up in the lease agreement.

– Rent increases are always a possibility. The landlord who purchases the property can increase rent at their discretion, and as the tenant, you have to pay these increases as per the lease agreement you signed.

– When you sell the home, there is the major risk of losing money on the sale. Again, the private company which purchases the property in the sale and rent back scheme typically purchases it at a rate which is well below market value. As the current owner, this means you take the loss on that sale to avoid the repossession notices.

It is also important to remember that the new landlord who purchased the home from you is responsible for the mortgage payments on the home. If they do not make these payments, you also run the risk of losing your home in this agreement.

Benefits (Can you claim them)? –
After the sale and rent back scheme transaction is completed, your entitlement to means-tested benefits might be affected. For starters, if you remain in the home (living in the property and paying rent to the new landlord), you may not be entitled to claim housing benefits any longer. Additionally, if you remain in the home, you might be required to prove that selling your home was the only option available to you to avoid repossession of the property. If the housing council makes the determination that you did have other benefits (apart from sale and rent back) and did not take advantage of these options, they can deny your means-tested benefits application as well.

Is sale and rent back right for you? –
This is a question only you can answer at the end of the day. If you are facing potential repossession of the home, don’t have the means to pay for it, and can’t find other financing or loan options, then maybe it is time to consider this option. You can always seek out legal guidance as well, to help you determine whether or not this is a viable solution to your problem.

Regardless of the situation you are in it is important to understand this process, how it works, and what risks are involved with it, if you are considering sale and rent back as a means to avoid repossession of your home.